Sunday, December 14, 2008

Rose the rose-hip gnome

Hi All,
Those of you who recently bought felting supplies from me would have found a bead and some pipe cleaners in your pack [Seuz, I never added to your pack,yours left to soon, but added an extra to Lindloos, so please get yours from her].

I'm sure you have been wondering what they are for.
Well here goes.. :-)

For this project you will need merino rovings, karakul rovings, a sponge, two felting needles [fine and all purpose] one bead and one pipe cleaner.

Bend the pipe cleaner in half and insert into the bead then make the two arms.

Tease some Karakul and slip it over the bead. Karakul is the best option as it felts quickly and easily. [for those of you who bought needle felting kits, there was some in your packs] If you don't have and Karakul then merino wool will work fine.

Needle felt it at the waist and bodice.

Needle felt some skin tone onto the arms and add some extra karakul [or wool] into the skirt to bulk it up.

Tease wool [I used a blend of two colours] and the slip it over the gnomes head and needle felt it at the waist and bodice.

Tease some pink wool and position it around the rose hip gnome and needle felt it at the waist.

Felt the 'skirt' starting from the waist working downwards and mould the pink wool around the base of the gnome. Felt it well.

Add a belt and give a final felting to the gnome. This gnome is felted quite firmly so that it is durable and and be played with.

Needle felt a triangle, fold it and felt the top 2/3rds togethers. Felt the rest of the hat rim together and then add your creative ideas on top.

Viola... A Rose-hip gnome is born....

I think she is precious and Gina is going to enjoy playing with her.
Hope you are all inspired to create over the holidays.


Anonymous said...

What great instructions! Thankyou. Too cute.

Pen+Ink said...

She is beautiful!