Friday, September 19, 2008

Cape Home Educators Expo

Terri [in photo - with part of the table, on the left we had a nature table for children to play on] and I had a wonderful day, we connected on a real level with almost 40 mums, and were able to share our thoughts on Homeschooling and the Homeschool industry. Some great new friends were made. Terri also became an all-in-one support group for some seriousely burnt out mums. [Good job Terri - I think you have a career lined up! lol]

We sold craft items, books, hand crafted toys and shared resources and links. Many of the mums want to visit Terri and I in Philadelphia [South Africa] and we are excited to meet them again.

It is amazing how we are blessed when motivated by love.

Thank you to all who offer crafted toys, craft items and books. Without you we could not promote Waldorf Inspired homeschooling in South Africa.

Terri thank you for jumping right in and helping me, without you I would have never coped. You were an absolute gem!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Some Knitted Treasures

Radcliffe Donkey R 145.oo

Grazing Sheep Family R 155.00

Piggly Wigglies R 155.00
You can view them at

Friday, September 12, 2008

Little dolls

These have bendy hands.

So cute and have all found wonderful children to love
1 is knitted and the other 2 are cloth dolls

Pumpkin Folk


1 Small available

Waldorf Doll

Emma the waldorf doll has found a special home.

Climbing gnomes

Walking gnomes – hang on the wall, pull the two beads – gnome goes up, let goes and down he slides R65
Only 2 available - The pink one and a purple one.

Gnomes - pictures

Mr Mustard Hat is moving up country, he is happy because he is not a coastal gnome and the moist coastal winds make him sneeze.

The mushroom fairie is also moving but is being more secretive, maybe you should check in your garden...

These guys are so cute, they can stand, sit and are a favourite in my family.

The sell for R55 and are a one of a kind.
4 more of these have been sold, but I am waiting to confirm which are sold.
But one of these cute guys has already packed his bags and is waiting to go home. Do you know where his home is? let me give you a clue, go to


These are the pop up puppets three are open and one is closed down below. They are have all found new homes with special little children.

We love playing with them and they are quite strong [Oliver has not broken his one yet - lol]

These are made by a Waldorf mum who is now a Waldorf granny.