Friday, April 3, 2009

Waldorf Constantia Market

We had a great time last weekend at the Waldorf Constantia Fair. Terri sold her knitted gems and her organic essential oil, her hubby, Greg had his painting portfolio on display [wow his work is good!] . I had my weaving and naturally dyed wool for sale and Kalla sold his honey. The children had a fantastic time running up and down the slopes surrounding the school field.

Gosh I love all the colours that can be dyed naturally!

Many more pictures are on my family blog.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

French Knitting

As a child I spent many special days french knitting,. These are my first memories of my creative ability.

I remember....... the willow tree, the blanket on the grass, the reel, the yarn, the dappled sun light and the way french knitting carried my thoughts far away from the day... Oh what bliss....

So with a warm and nostalgic heart I assembled these kits.

These kits consist of :

1 Vintage wooden reel [from Grannys stash] with four hooks

15 g Hand-dyed bamboo in 14 different colours.

As usual this kit comes with full instructions and is packaged in a reusable organza bag and sell for R25-00.

Hope you like these sweet kits.

Flying Pigs

Another knitting kit that is available on order from me.

The wool is dyed with cochineal and the wings are cut from hand made felt.

This kit sells to group members for R25-00.

Sunday, March 15, 2009


Have you seen the great GNOMES giveaway on

They are Suez's gnomes! So Viva AFRICA!

Rush over and join before it is so late.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Felt Gnomes and Red Riding hood

Terri has been making these lovely gnomes and is selling them for R10 - R25 depending on the size. They are made from handmade felt and merino rovings.

I really like her Red Riding Hood it is approx 12cm tall so is a nice size for the nature table or play. It is also made from Merino rovings and Handmade felt.
I bought this one for R35-00 and she has 2 more for sale.

These patterns are from her hand craft book that she will be launching soon [I hope! Im constantly urging her to finish it]

If you want to order from her or ask any questions [like - when will her book be ready! lol], she can be mailed on or you can mail her on group.

Knitting Kits - Mamma Duck

I have been having great fun with NATURAL DYES and decided to sell sweet little knitting kits. The first kit is for a mamma duck with an upturned tail. Her final size is approx 10cm long by 8cm wide.

Included in the pack is the pattern, 100% wool stuffing and the naturally dyed wool [plant sources vary per pack but are listed on patern]. Oh and my contact details in case you get stuck. :o)

In my need to always recycle, I decided to package it is a reusable 10cm x 15cm organza bag.

These sets are for sale for R25-00 each.

Have a lovely day everyone..

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Easter Rabbit Needle Felting

I am so excited about how this little guy turned out! I have decided to make a whole range of little needle felted animals for my shop.

I have added him to my Etsy for Easter.

Have a great weekend


Linda (Lulu)