Friday, September 19, 2008

Cape Home Educators Expo

Terri [in photo - with part of the table, on the left we had a nature table for children to play on] and I had a wonderful day, we connected on a real level with almost 40 mums, and were able to share our thoughts on Homeschooling and the Homeschool industry. Some great new friends were made. Terri also became an all-in-one support group for some seriousely burnt out mums. [Good job Terri - I think you have a career lined up! lol]

We sold craft items, books, hand crafted toys and shared resources and links. Many of the mums want to visit Terri and I in Philadelphia [South Africa] and we are excited to meet them again.

It is amazing how we are blessed when motivated by love.

Thank you to all who offer crafted toys, craft items and books. Without you we could not promote Waldorf Inspired homeschooling in South Africa.

Terri thank you for jumping right in and helping me, without you I would have never coped. You were an absolute gem!

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