Friday, February 27, 2009

Felt Gnomes and Red Riding hood

Terri has been making these lovely gnomes and is selling them for R10 - R25 depending on the size. They are made from handmade felt and merino rovings.

I really like her Red Riding Hood it is approx 12cm tall so is a nice size for the nature table or play. It is also made from Merino rovings and Handmade felt.
I bought this one for R35-00 and she has 2 more for sale.

These patterns are from her hand craft book that she will be launching soon [I hope! Im constantly urging her to finish it]

If you want to order from her or ask any questions [like - when will her book be ready! lol], she can be mailed on or you can mail her on group.

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Anonymous said...

oh! very lovely! I would like to try to do some similar!