Sunday, February 3, 2008


Dip your plaited wick into very hot wax. Allow enough time for the wax to permiate the the wick. Remove and allow to harden.

Cut the beeswax sheet into 2 pieces of equal size.

Roll the beeswax arround the wick to create a natural and beautiful scented candle.

Cut the second piece of wax as illustrated in this picture

Start rolling, ensure that you start by 'squashing'the wax onto the wick and then roll slowly. Thomas is 5 so I start rolling for him and then allow him to finish.

He rolls the sheet while trying to ensure that it rolls straight.

If your candle is tapered at the bottom then

Position it on your working board and gently push down

The result is a beautiful candle. Trim the wick, light and enjoy the beautiful yellow glow.

These 7 candles were all created with 2 sheets of bees wax and 1 meter of wick.

The best [cost effective] place to buy you foundation sheets would be from a local beekeeper or a beekeeping suppy store!

Whilst dipping your wick, dip extra for next year and other candle projects.

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Anonymous said...

wonderful candles! I love the gnomes looking after them too!